Is registering at your studio as easy as ordering a McDonald's Happy Meal?

In today’s episode, we want to talk about registration.  

Is registering at your dance studio as easy as ordering a Happy Meal? 

We are going to walk you through a wonderful studio called “Creative Connexions” in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, and how Miss Rhea uses the Simplero registration process to make registering at her studio so seamless and easy.


Let’s get started. 

This is Miss Rhea’s homepage. You can see it has “Ajax Dance Classes”. That’s a header that Google picks up on.

She’s open for registration, and there’s a little pop-up here saying, “NEW TO DANCE? START HERE!”  

A parent could read through all of the stuff in the header—but they won’t.

They really want to know what you have for THEIR child.


On the home page, you can see very clearly that:

  • PINK is for 2 to 3 year olds,
  • BLUE is for 3 to 4,
  • LILAC is 4 to 5,
  • PLUM 6 to 8,
  • NAVY is ages 9 to 13, and
  • BLACK is 13 to 17.  


Creative Connexions immediately demonstrates Social Proof with an embed review widget.

All of her customers and NEW customers can see what people have already said about her studio, and how wonderful her studio is. 

Learn more about our review system: Click here


See an Example 

Say for example, we have a child who’s 4 to 5, a parent can easily click the lilac button, to get started.

The parent can learn about:

  • the Schedule,
  • the Tuition, 
  • the Uniform,
  • the Calendar,
  • the Curriculum...
  • but then we can register; and it’s very easy.  


We have three choices here:

  • Book a tour
  • Book a FREE Trial and 


Let’s pick the register now button.  

In REGISTER NOW, it gives you a quick instruction on the right, it says, “Don’t forget to ADD your classes!”

You can see that we are registering for Lilac, Ages 4-5, children who are in JK/SK which is kindergarten here in Canada.

You can see the social proof is the first thing on the form.  Then the schedule.

We didn’t confuse the parent with too much information. We simply show the classes available.

It's a very simple registration process;

  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Home Address.
  • And then there is a Withdrawal Policy, and that SCARY Acceptance.  


When you go through dance studio software, the Acceptance is on the front-end and it’s really frightening.

But in the exact same way, it could be frightening if you were to open it up here.  But most parents probably just skip it, because they feel comfortable with the Social Proof and how simple the schedule is.  

After they fill out basic information, very simply, they would select their classes. 

So a mom wants Tap on Monday’s and you can see down on the right, the schedule of payments.

There’s a $25 registration fee, today, and then she can see what she is paying—she's got, the Tuition and the Tax.  

So now if she adds Acro., you can see how instantly the tuition is adjusted, and its very simple terms. And if she wants to add another class, that’s it! And she can see—the parent can see all of the tuition.  

And then she just fills in her Credit Card information, or Debit Card information, “I Understand and agree” to complete the purchase.  


It’s that easy!

And as soon as that parent completes the purchase, a whole email series begins, as well as any automation for Miss Rhea’s studio.  

It’s been life-changing, and you can reach out to her, or to Dance Print to learn more, and we are so happy you are here, and we hope that you make your registration process as easy as ordering a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  

Do you want to overhaul your website and make registering at your studio as easy as ordering a happy meal? Talk to us! 

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